Successful transition requires a mix of heightened awareness, education, leadership, structure, planning, accountability and willingness to drive change. Creating the capacity and capability to make this happen is at the heart of the challenge. Every organisation across the planet is facing this, and in such unfamiliar territory – most are struggling.

    Our clients have benefited from the following:


    Engagement of a mentor to support the ongoing development and performance of an owner or CEO, encourage innovation, challenge the status quo and introduce new ideas consistent with strategic business objectives

    • Ability to achieve more without working additional hours
    • Improved satisfaction at both the ownership and working roles levels
    • Heightened awareness of the link between strategy area of the business responsibility and role
    • Improved ability to self monitor and more timely resolution fo issues impeding performance os self and direct reports
    Strategy Facilitation

    The engagement of an external facilitator to assist the business to determine clarity of future direction, the setting of a strategy, an implementation process and execution structure to drive same


    • Strategy developed with clear objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.
    • Shared clarity of future direction for board and executive management
    • Develop the strategy story to aid the whole of business communication and engagements process
    • Starting (year one) scorecard with realistic targets and prioritisation of initiatives based on value to business, capacity and capability to deliver required outcomes, allocate to 90 day time frames.
    Strategy Execution

    Developing a great strategy is useful.  Executing is essential. Intuit provides the high level expertise and capability to coordinate the implementation and execution of the business strategy and associated business objectives


    • Whole of business strategic engagement, momentum and focus
    • Significant improvement in the effectiveness of resources involved in delivering strategic and business plan objectives
    • A corporate shift from transaction to relationship selling driven by a clear value proposition
    • Focus towards a high performance cultures, goals, KPIs and accountability
    • Improvement in financial management and corporate performance
    • Adoption of business development process
    • Process review and development consistent with client’s needs

    Due Dilligence

    Engagement of an experienced resource with extensive business acumen and sector expericnce to lead and manage a merger due diligence process


    • Board and CEO provided with clear view of merger fit
    • Deep understanding or benefits and challenges
    • Facilitates an environment for high quality and informed decision making

    External Chair

    The appointment of an External Chair of Meeting Facilitator to run governance and/or executive management meetings, playing a key role to champion innovation, challenge the status quo and introduce new idea s consistent with the business strategy and associated objective.


    Significant improvement in meeting process due to:

    • Heightened purpose
    • Enhanced preparation and execution
    • Clearer understanding and focus
    • Greater accountability
    • Increased participant satisfaction and meeting ROI

    Succession Planning

    Starting with the “end in mind”, a well considered succession plan will open the door to a raft of strategic issues vital to managing business risk and building shareholder value. We will leverage front line experience to help you protect and build your business value.


    • Establish the Need
    • Address the Willingness to act
    • Research the options
    • Decide on a course
    • Document the non-negotiables
    • Plan the approach
    • Build the Process
    • Go Live
    Performance & KPI’s

    “What gets measured gets managed and gets done.”

    High performance, whether at the organisation, service, team or individual level is now a necessity rather than a luxury.  Utilising the Balanced Scorecard performance management framework we can help you focus and align all areas of the business in a powerful and logical manner.


    • Provide a way to see if strategy is working;
    • Focus everyone’s attention on what matters most to success;
    • Allow measurement of accomplishments, not just of the work that is performed;
    • Provide a common language for communication;
    • Are valid, to ensure measurement of the right things; and
    • Are verifiable, to ensure data collection accuracy.

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