Who Moved My Cheese

If you haven’t read the iconic change classic Who Moved My Cheese? written by Dr Spencer Johnson and first published almost 2 decades ago you should consider adding it to your holiday reading list.

The reality is that once the cheese has moved it rarely, if ever, returns as is was. In other words what we consider to be the good old days are just that. Currently there are many around the world promoting the idea that we can go back and all will be well. This a falsehood and it is delusional.

Whether we look back 50, 100, 500, 2,000 or 100,000 years, it is blindingly obvious that “things” always change.

The universe keeps evolving and us little humans need to embrace that if we are to remain part of the deal. The current “backwards is good” promotors are contributing nothing of worth and will soon pass on.

It’s not a brave old world, it’s a Brave New World, get on board!

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