You’re so clever!

I was walking along the footpath the other day and over-heard a mother, who was getting her young child out the car, say “you’re so clever” in an animated voice full of wonderment and praise.

Well, my heart did a little dance, my mouth smiled and my brain said “wow, what a great thing to say to another human being”. As I continued my walk I questioned myself as to whether I had ever said that to anyone and whether it had been said to me. At times, I have said “that is clever” but not sure about “you’re so clever”, if I have it can’t have been too often!

I know that I am not too bad with “please”, “thank you” and sometimes I say things like “well done” and “that’s great”. However, there is much room for improvement.

Naturally, feedback is important and constructive criticism is essential for improvement and growth. The young mother was a great reminder that I need to lift my game and when deserved recognise others for being “clever”.

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