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Tick Box Management

Beware tick box management and tick box managers.

Acting with your customers best interests in mind, prudently managing your business risks, satisfying compliance requirements and completing the many necessary and recurring tasks associated with running your business are part and parcel of everyday life.

However, when activity is primarily driven by the need to complete the “to do” list we are in danger of engaging in a management process that will result in diminishing returns. Just as insidious is having managers, who may look and sounds oh so impressive, but who lack substance, creativity and the ability to lead. Avoid having these people in your business at all costs! Be prepared to challenge what they have done and what they plan to do to add value to your business.

Whether at the owner, board or executive management levels we need to be ever vigilant and prepared to stop and ask questions like  “why are we doing this, how does it add value, is it consistent with our strategy, will it satisfy our customers’ needs?”

Also, watch out for business fads and fazes that may simply divert you from the main game.

Build a culture that is driven by values in action, clear direction and purpose. Reward and encourage everyone in your business to challenge the status quo – avoid the “yes people”, eliminate mediocrity.