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We facilitate the growth of accounting firms across Australasia with tailored business consultancy

Our vision is simple: to increase the value of your business

Our mission is to provide business consultancy services that are focused on improving culture, operational performance, and growth.

We achieve this by facilitating high end business consultancy services that enable you to create lasting strategies for success. We build partnerships with our clients that endure for years, ensuring their goals and objectives are achieved. Our services are not “one size fits all”. We cater to your specific needs with solutions tailored to your business.

Managing Director Arthur Kirk has had a lengthy career in the accounting and financial sectors, with a reputation built on the back of consistent and successful outcomes, as well as the quality and enduring nature of his relationships. His super-power is the clarity he provides, coupled with his ability to reduce complex challenges to simple, logical and achievable steps.

How we can help your business?

Leadership & Culture

Leaders drive company culture and strong leaders provide a sense of vision, purpose, mentorship and inspiration to those they lead.

We work with owners and executive management delivering workshops, guiding, and coaching to support individual growth, leadership team capability, accountability, and performance.

Accountability & Performance

If you can measure it you can manage it. From strategy to individual team members, everyone must be clear on what they need to do and achieve.

We will help you leverage relevant data to better engage and manage your people to create and sustain a high-performance culture.

Succession & Retirement Planning

Successful businesses take lifetimes to build and knowing who is next in line to fill senior positions, and being able to groom these people to become your firm’s next generation of successful leaders is crucial to staying competitive.

With the inevitability of key person and owner changes, we will help you protect the business value and guide you to minimising risk with early planning and robust execution. In addition, we mentor retiring owners through a period of significant change and can implement our Pathway to Partner Program to support those stepping in to fill the gap.

Emerging Leaders Program

Identification of an organisation’s most talented potential leaders is critical to building a strong candidate pool to drive future business growth and development. All organisations should have a high potential talent management strategy in place, identifying and supporting emerging leaders.

Our program helps you to identify, engage and develop your emerging leaders, offering the opportunity for participants to realise their full potential to better contribute to a high-performance culture.


Fostering and supporting a culture of innovation is critical to the success of your firm, and your ability to compete in an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace is vital.

Innovation introduces new processes, services or products to affect positive change. Simply put, innovation is anything that adds value and we introduce you to the what, why, when, and how to make innovation part of everyone’s job.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Setting priorities, focusing energy and resources, strengthening operations, ensuring that your employees and other stakeholders are working towards common goals and assessing and adjusting your firm's direction in response to a changing environment is essential to enable you to be competitive and sustainable.

We help you work out where you want to take your firm and we stay with you to ensure that your plan is successfully implemented.

Operational Reviews

We help you to look at the big picture, with in-depth and objective reviews across your entire organisation. We analyse the data and offer incisive advice to help build revenue, improve gross profit, net profit and cash flows.

Arthur’s experience allows him to...

Contribute across the board, identifying trends that impact business and providing practical insights and solutions to life in a global marketplace where the drivers of change are inescapable.

Our Services

Intuit Advisory offers differing levels of business consultancy services essential to the success of your firm.

Remote Service

High Touch Service

In recent years, the focus of his work has been...

Helping accounting firms and their key people adjust to a rapidly changing world. His expertise lies in the utilisation of existing business foundations, improving on and building what is needed for future success.