Managing ego in your business

Manage and mitigate the negative side of ego in your business


In his book The Long Term Starts Tomorrow, Nigel Lake addresses, amongst many interesting and important issues, the dangers of the supremacy gene. “The moment that a company starts to believe that its current strength and sophistication compared to its competitors is likely to be genuinely enduring, the rot sets in,” states Nigel. In essence the supremacy gene stifles vision, innovation and the drive needed to continually challenge and develop the organisation’s capacity to remain competitive.

The underlying cause of the supremacy gene is ego which is typically driven by the double edged sword of false pride – “you don’t need to look” and irrational fear – “you dare not look”.

I see so many situations where traits like supremacy, complacency and ignorance progressively destroy an organisation, some slowly, some quickly.

In essence this is a leadership issue. If your organisation is to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world, innovation, agility and high performance underpinned by non-negotiable values must be the norm.

Whilst leadership should be everyone’s job the organisations key leaders have a clear responsibility to build and foster an environment that can openly and safely challenge the status quo.

How do you manage and mitigate the negative side of ego in your business?

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